Streamjet is a complete in-browser video streaming studio that we were commissioned to develop from scratch. The goal was to create a web application that would allow real-time editing and broadcasting of live video to various destinations and social platforms.

We designed a clean and simple interface that would allow the user to focus on the video content. Our goal was to ensure that users could just simply get on with broadcasting their videos without much technical hassle.


We used Nuxt, a framework based on Vue.js, for the client part of the app. Nuxt helps to speed up development and facilitates SEO, good performance and deployment on the server.

We faced several challenges during the development of Streamjet that required innovative solutions. One of them was the need to build a scalable video system capable of handling a large number of simultaneous streams without compromising quality or stability. In addition, we faced the challenge of establishing efficient, real-time communication and orchestration between multiple processes.

Streamjet uses technologies such as GStreamer, WebRTC and WebSockets to manage sessions and participants efficiently. In addition, we created an API in Node.js that allowed communication between all the different processes, ensuring a smooth flow of data and seamless interaction.

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