We realised that something as simple as recording audio for a remote interview, podcast or meeting often required complicated setup or the use of tools that were not specifically designed for it. We set out to create a solution where anyone could connect without complicated setup and record high quality audio, from any device.

We designed and developed Etercast from scratch. We made the decision to create a web application using Nuxt + Vue and SASS. For the back-end we used node.js, the webRTC protocol for audio streaming, websockets to manage sessions and connect users, and WebAssembly to encode the audio in mp3 as fast as possible. In addition, we implemented a TURN server to distribute the audio streams and guarantee a stable and high-quality connection.

Etercast screenshot

In the future we hope to optimise the tool and include new functionalities, such as cloud storage so that users can save and access their recordings from anywhere. We are also exploring the possibility of adding audio transcription to make it easier to search and analyse recorded content. In addition, we plan to incorporate sound editing tools so that users can improve the quality of their recordings and make adjustments according to their needs.

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